Chengdu Pandas Power Past Rio Grande Ospreys

Chengdu Pandas Power Past Rio Grande Ospreys


The Chengdu Pandas put together another powerful performance to defeat the Rio Grande Ospreys. Previously, they drew on their board four, Chu Ruotong, for a high score, but this week she pulled a goose egg.

In her place, the other three boards stepped forward, losing only two other games. Yu Yangyi continues to be an incredible board one for the Pandas. He currently has 11.5/12 and leads the league among players who have played all three weeks.

One humorous point the Pandas picked up was this final-round victory by their board three, Xu Xiangyu.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 3 | Chengdu Pandas vs Rio Grande Ospreys

Ospreys Pandas Yu Yangyi Ni Hua Xu Xiangyu Chu Ruotong 10
Andrey Stukopin 2
Hovhannes Gabuzyan 1
Carlos Hevia 2
Yannick Kambrath 1
6 4 3 3 0

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