Dallas Destiny Strike Out The Seattle Sluggers

Dallas Destiny Strike Out The Seattle Sluggers


With top super stars on board one in GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Jeffery Xiong squaring off it was destined to be a great match. In the end, the Destiny squeeked out a victory in the final round finishing off the Sluggers 8.5-7.5

Xiong led the Destiny with an excellent score of 3/4 only losing to Nakamura. Everyone else on the team played very solidly with the Sluggers having trouble on the bottom boards. Despite the loss, the moment of the match belongs to Nakamura converting a knight and rook vs rook ending.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 4 | Dallas Destiny vs Seattle Sluggers

Destiny Sluggers Hikaru Nakamura Tigran Petrosian Roland Feng Anthony He 7.5
Jeffery Xiong 3
Luke Harmon-Vellotti 2
Zurab Javakhadze 2
Titas Stremavicius 1.5
8.5 3.5 2.5 1.5 0

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Written by Dylan Quercia. Follow him on twitter at coachqchess