Dehli Dynamite Sizzles Oslo Trolls

Dehli Dynamite Sizzles Oslo Trolls


The Dehli Dynamite overwhelmed the Oslo Trolls today 9.5-6.5, moving to 1.5/2 on the season. With four very consistent boards and no obvious weaknesses, Dehli was just too much. GM Salem Saleh led the way on board one with a near perfect score of 3.5/4. 

The remaining three boards for Dehli each scored 2/4. Aradhya Garg on board four actually notched a win against the Trolls' board one!

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 2 | Dehli Dynamite vs Oslo Trolls

Trolls Dynamite Salem Saleh Vaibhav Suri Sahaj Grover Aradhya Garg 9.5
Lars Oskar Hauge 1
Sebastian Mihajlov 2
Benjamin Haldorsen 1
Johannes Haug 2.5
6.5 3.5 2 2 2

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