London Lions Claw Through Ljubljana Turtles, Avoid Relegation

London Lions Claw Through Ljubljana Turtles, Avoid Relegation

Mar 7, 2018, 4:17 PM |

The London Lions finished the 2018 PRO Chess League strong, holding a match against the Ljubljana Turtles despite a fierce last-round comeback from the Turtles. The match draw was key for the Lions, without it, they faced relegation, but with it, they held on to their league spot.

The Lions struggled a bit this season, but a huge bright spot was their board four, FM Marcus Harvey, who over-performed once again with 3/4 and this fine win.

With talented players like Harvey, the Lions can look forward to the 2019 season with confidence. The Lions were often out-rated, but bested their rating expectations. With some strong free agent additions, they could easily be dangerous division contenders.

2018 PRO Chess League | Round 9 | London Lions vs Ljubljana Turtles

Lions Turtles Jure Borisek Jure Skoberne Matej Sebenik Jernej Skuhala 8
Jean-Pierre Le Roux 2.5
Jean-Noel Riff 1.5
Andrew P Horton 1
Marcus R Harvey 3
8 2.5 2 3 0.5

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