Montclair Sopranos Shake Down Montreal Chessbrahs

Montclair Sopranos Shake Down Montreal Chessbrahs


Two bright spots could not save the match for a Montreal ChessBrah team that suffered a horrific double catastrophe in the final round against a victorious Montclair Sopranos team. The ChessBrahs had two of the best-scoring players of the week as GM Jorden Van Foreest scored 3.5 and Elias Oussedik scored 2/4. Oussedik earned a lot of fan love when he flagged GM Sergey Erenburg in a balanced position and mistook his computer desk for a dance floor.

The Sopranos had a strong lead early in the match thanks in part to GM Aleksandr Lenderman's 3.5/4. The Chessbrahs came within striking distance with the above victory, but two near simultaneous rook blunders from GM Eric Hansen and GM-Elect Aman Hambleton.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 3 | Montclair Sopranos vs Montreal ChessBrahs

Sopranos Chessbrahs Eric Hansen Jorden Van Foreest Aman Hambleton Elias Oussedik 7.5
Bassem Amin 3
Aleksandr Lenderman 3.5
Sergey Erenburg 2
Dan Smith 0
8.5 1 3.5 1 2

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