Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers Draw The Miami Champions

Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers Draw The Miami Champions

Mar 7, 2018, 6:37 PM |

The Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers and Miami Champions drew their match today with an 8-8 score. Going into this match the Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers were tied for first place in the central division with the Webster Windmills and were firmly locked into the playoffs. With this draw, the Pawngrabbers move to 7/9 on the season and look forward to the playoffs.

The Miami Champions needed to win or draw to avoid relegation. Miami pulls ahead of the Montreal ChessBrahs in the standings to secure the sixth place spot in the Central division. This means that they will not need to re-qualify for the 2019 PCL season.

GM Eduardo Iturrizaga has been a strong force for Miami all season. He put up a 3.5/4 performance tonight which led Miami to a much needed draw. Here is a nice endgame win by GM Iturrizaga versus IM Shetty. After an unusual opening where Iturizzaga played b6, c6 and d6 in succession, an interested middle game position ensued. Once the smoke cleared, Iturrizaga’s passed b-pawn was too powerful.

2018 PRO Chess League | Round 9 | Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers vs Miami Champions

Champions Pawngrabbers Atulya Shetty Mika Brattain Mark Heimann Safal Bora 8
Eduardo Iturrizaga 3.5
Yuniesky Quesada 3
Julio Becerra Rivero 1.5
Nicholas Rosenthal 0
8 2 2 3 1

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