Play PRO Fantasy Chess For Chance At $10,000
Can you win the cash in the PRO Chess League Fantasy?

Play PRO Fantasy Chess For Chance At $10,000


What made following the PRO Chess League even more fun this season? The introduction of PRO Fantasy Chess: a game that lets fans build their own teams each week, for a chance to win premium memberships and bragging rights.

Thousands of people have already played, including grandmasters and league managers. So what could make playing PRO Fantasy Chess even more exciting? How about a weekly $10,000 cash prize for picking a perfect team? 

Starting in week three of the 2018 PRO Chess League season, is putting up a $10,000 cash prize—available to win every week—to anyone who can defy the odds and pick the perfect-scoring lineup. There are also smaller prizes for other achievements.

The $10,000 prize, called the "Commissioner's Bounty" (it was League Commissioner Greg Shahade's idea!), is open to all. 


Click here to read the official contest rules. 

In PRO Fantasy Chess, you get to choose 16 players for your team. Each week, three participants are guaranteed to win premium memberships, but if you pick the 16 players who have the best scores in their group, and also choose the team that wins by the biggest margin, you will win the Commissioner's Bounty prize of $10,000.

cash prize

"We thought this would be a great way to generate excitement around the weekly fantasy contest and also the PRO Chess League," said PRO Chess League Commissioner, Greg Shahade. "It's not every day that you can make $10,000 for taking some wild guesses and watching chess online!"

Even if you don't win the big prize, the top three scorers will still get diamond memberships on

But wait, there's more cash prizes!

Since we know that picking all 16 and the tiebreaker question correctly will be very challenging, we also will give out the following consolation prizes:

  • Pick all 16 boards correctly but get the tiebreaker wrong: $1,000 prize
  • Pick 15/16 boards correctly: $500 prize
  • Pick 14/16 boards correctly: $100 prize
  • Top overall scorer if not qualified for above: $20 prize guaranteed

In order to be eligible for any of the above prizes, you must finish in the top three in our contest.

Some fantasy players have already come close. The round-two winning score was 45.5 out of a possible (perfect score) of 50.5. Could you be the one to score the extra five points?

To help win, you can research players and matchups at


1. One entry per account (your most recent entry is the only one that counts)

2. Registration closes at the scheduled start time of the first match.

3. If you play for or manage a team you are still eligible to win, but you cannot choose anyone on the team you are playing against.

4. If a player is found to have violated the FairPlay agreement, for example due to using computer assistance or fixing the result of any game, their result from that week will be changed to a zero.

5. If any collusion occurs between league players and contest participants, the prize will be void.

6. If more than one participant wins any prize for a given week, that prize will be split.

7. If two league players or more have the same score, and it's the top score of the round for that board, either player will be considered to be that round's "perfect score."

8. To win the $10,000 Commissioner's Bounty, you must pick all 16 boards correctly and the tiebreak question about the team that will win with the largest margin. If you pick all the boards correctly but fail to pick the tiebreak correctly, we will award a consolation prize of $1,000. Picking 15/16 boards is a $500 prize, and picking 14 of 16 boards is a $100 prize. You are only eligible for a cash prize if you finish in the top three of all participants.

9. There will be a maximum of 1,000 entries per week (we reserve the right to increase this maximum at our own discretion).

10. If there is a replacement player for any board, one that isn't referenced by the initial fantasy contest, you will instead get whatever points that replacement player scores.