San Diego Surfers Draw After Late Chengdu Pandas Comeback

San Diego Surfers Draw After Late Chengdu Pandas Comeback


The San Diego Surfers drew with the Chengdu Pandas after a tense last round comeback by the Chinese team. Once again, GM YU Yangyi played well, scoring 3.5/4; a half-point off his perfect score last week, but who's counting? Certainly a candidate for Game Of The Week occurred in round three. Watch GM Wang Yue find a cunning sacrifice (and a not-so-obvious follow up) against San Diego's board one, GM Alexey Dreev. The resulting endgame play is instructive as well.

Entering round four with a match score of 7-5, San Diego had only to maintain the balance with a comfortable two point advantage. Chengdu would have to score 3/4 in the final round to draw even. Once again, the Chengdu board four, this time Li Zhaoyang, surpassed expectations and turned a bad position in a winning one to help clench the comeback.

WGM Tatev Abrahamyan scored a brilliant win in round two against GM Wang Yue. The final position is quite picturesque (if you're rooting for the Surfers).

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 2 | San Diego Surfers vs Chengdu Pandas

Pandas Surfers Alexey Dreev Samuel Sevian John Daniel Bryant Tatev Abrahamyan 8
Yu Yangyi 3.5
Wang Yue 3
Li Di 0.5
Li Zhaoyang 1
8 2.5 2 1.5 2

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