Stockholm Snowballs Triumph Over Ljubljana Turtles

Stockholm Snowballs Triumph Over Ljubljana Turtles


The Stockholm Snowballs edged out the Ljubljana Turtles in a nail-biting finish with an 8.5-7.5 final score. Wow! There were so many nail-biting highlights from this match - where to begin? The two teams found themselves neck and neck in the fourth round and every game was not only consequential, but exciting as well!

Watch the battle of board threes as GM Matej Sebenik and GM Kirill Alekseenko trade blows in this tactically rich queenless middlegame position that quickly turns into a mate-in-one diagram.

It ultimately came down to the battle of the board two players, GM Evgenij Agrest of Stockholm versus against GM Jure Škoberne of Ljubljana. The winner of the following knight endgame would decide the match!

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 2 | Ljubljana Turtles vs Stockholm Snowballs

Turtles Snowballs Georg Meier Evgenij Agrest Kirill Alekseenko Inna Agrest 8.5
Luka Lenic 3.5
Jure Skoberne 1.5
Matej Sebenik 1
Luka Skuhala 1.5
7.5 2.5 2.5 3 0.5

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