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My OTB Chess Rating

My OTB Chess Rating

Jul 18, 2011, 12:23 PM 1

It's legit. It's real. And it's irrelevant.

The only thing that it shows, is that when I actually take the game of Chess seriously, and try, I win. A lot.

So stop asking, and stop saying that it's not, simply because you have never seen anything like it before. In the Underground, there are a legion of players with crazy OTB ratings.  And unlike all of the so called "proffessional" players in the world that go out and compete against other so call "professionals" for ratings and some silly unjustified title that a bunch of foolish human players thought and agreed upon, we play to perfection, on a level unseen to the public eye.

You are either born a true champion, or you work towards, but never attain true championship. I am World Champion of the Underground because I discovered the Underground.

Whether or not you want to believe and accept the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of people in the world that are far superior to your precious Kasparov and Fischer is up to you. The Underground is full of them.

Ranking systems and leaderboards do not determine true skill. They don't determine anything and do not even matter.

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