Weird 1350 ELO game

Nov 11, 2014, 2:07 PM |
Well I would like to show the community my last ranked game, this is just a 1.350 ELO players game, but there are some things that I consider important for new players or not that new players.
Game starts basically with a Scottish Gambit I think is the name of this oppening, just have a look now on it.
We can see some weird moves in my oppinion or "mistakes" maybe from the black pieces player I will tell you those that really surprised me, the game was 30 minutes long so he got enough time and level to see those things...
1st: 4...Ne5 this move was not a mistake in my oppinion but the way he answered after my move 5.Bf4 was a total mistake: 5....c5 So I was able to punish him first of all winning a pawn on the change.
2nd: 8....d6 I think this is another mistake because now he has no pawns on "c" and "e" collumns so I am able to bring my knight to d5.
My idea in this situation was to basically have a very strong position after trying to exchange his knight and his white squares bishop, because after those changes I would be able to bring my knight and he could only push him off for a rook.
3rd: 10.... Ke7 !! Well, I think this is the worst mistake into the game, after taking the Knight on f6 and being recaptured by the Queen, I was able to 10.Bb5+ with the idea of capturing his white squares bishop so my knight was taking stronger than ever or just force him to move his king, and by far the worst move was this one, because I was able to 11.Nd5+! winning the Queen.
4th: Well I think the game was totally won here and some time before maybe, but in 13....Bg7 he definitely threw the game as I was able to force the check mate in the following move.
Hopefully that some good players can comment this and tell me if I am right or not and looking forward to learn from you all.