Cheating accusation

Jul 9, 2015, 3:32 PM |

I think that I played a good game against a guy named onurbruno. It was a slow time control (45/45) and my oponent was rated 150 higher than me.

The game was interesting, I am down a exchange but I try to compensate with an attack:

When my opponent was lost, he started to accused me of cheating. In his opinion, I didn´t cheat at the beggining but at some point I started.

I said to him to check and the funniest thing is that I recieve a message saying: 

"i was wright, in the precise moment you lost the exchange you started cheating. i will report. and you are a loser."

I guess that at move 26 I decided not to cheat anymore as well as in move 30 or something like that (Irony). I spent half an hour for the game (up to the won endgame) plus the increment.

I am really happy of this game but not quite so with the poor spormanship of that guy, I would like to ask if there is a way of reporting him for his accusations.

Thank you