Silman on chess engines

NM Pacifique
Feb 4, 2014, 1:44 PM |

Many players think that using a chess engine to analyze their games is the way to go. That is so, so wrong. A chess engine will show you tactical things you’ve missed, but it won’t tell you how to find them yourself. It will toss out long variations that show how you could have gotten a slight advantage, but you will usually not understand why one side is better, nor understand the moves leading up to it.

The sad fact is that very strong players are the ones that get the most out of chess engines since they can figure out the veracity of odd assessments and cryptic moves/maneuvers. And when I watch a live online grandmaster game and see countless engine owners screaming that so and so is better, all I have to do is ask “why?” and silence will follow, or something like “because he’s 1.2 better, that’s why!”

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