IM Pancevski
Feb 12, 2014, 6:12 PM |

We all have heard about Carsen’s technique, how he can win every possible position even when most of the players would agree on draw. That is his biggest strength. He has very big knowledge, great intuition and is physically very well prepared. That helps him to play strong moves during the whole game. I remember reading in one of his interviews, after the match with Anand that his goal was to play 40-50 accurate moves during in every game. He was sure that if he manages to do so, there was no doubt that he would win the match. We all expected that he will win easily, and to be honest he won quite convincingly. For me the best game was the 5th in which Carlsen has won by playing many accurate moves in an endgame that many of us thought that would end in draw. After that game remembered that he had won an equal endgame against Anand few years ago. That endgame has left big impression over me.

Earlier Carlsen has won another great endgame against Anand

Great victories by Carlsen!