In the style of Mikhail Tal

IM Pancevski
Feb 27, 2015, 11:09 AM |

We have all studied the games of the great Mikhail Tal, his combinations and beautiful combinations. I admire his ability to turn almost any position into tactical battle where every piece is "hanging" and with every move comes new excitement. Even though his sacrifices weren't always correct, still it was very difficult for the other player to find the correct move. This made his games especially interesting for the chess fans.

Nowadays such sacrifices are quite rare, especially at Grandmasters level. Probably the reason for that is the presents of the computers and strong engines that have taught the players to think differently and improved their ability to find difficult defensive moves on the board.


I consider myself to be a positional player, so combinations are very rare in my games. Over the years I have played few games with lot of excitement, where I was sacrificed material while I was attacking the opponent’s king.



Every combination is result of previously well planned strategy
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