Playing like Mikhail Tal

IM Pancevski
Aug 28, 2012, 2:04 PM |

We all have heard of the great chess champion Mikhail Tal, I think that every chess player enjoyed while watching his magnificent sacrifices and mating attacks. To many, Tal's style of play still isn't  understandable. When seing his games one can see that in any position he had always found the most complex and exciting continuation. His combinations almost always were successful, his opponents couldn't find the right continuation and couldn't demostrate that his sacrifice was incorrect, although very often it was.

Nowadays it's very rare to see combinations with sacrifices in game between two strong opponents with approximately same strenght. I think that the main reason for that is the deep knowledge of the openings, so in the middlegame almost every strong player has verysolid position. Also, there is no one else like Mikhail Tal!

Recently I played on the Chess Championship of Macedonia against another international master. I manage to win that game after sacrificing two rooks for two pawns, that made me very happy and that "unusual" game gave me a lot of pleasure, because usually I play positional chess and winning in “quiet” way.

This game reminded me of a game I played 9 years ago on the European Youth Chess Championship U18

Every combination is result of previously well planned strategy