The hardest thing - to win won position

The hardest thing - to win won position

IM Pancevski
Sep 10, 2015, 5:01 AM |


     We all have lost games where we were winning. We all have won or save games where we were losing. Of course we are lot happier when the latter happens. 

In such positions the minds of the players are operating differently. The one who has winning position tries to simplify things, he is saving energy for the next round. He is relaxed and wants to win without complications. 

"The lost one" is trying with all his strength to save the game. His mind is at 100% and he is looking for any practical chance. His strategy is to complicate the position as much as possible, even at cost of entering into much worse situation, just to create opportunities for his opponent to make a mistake. 

In a tournament I played last month, both this things happened to me. In the first game I saved lost position, and in the second one (which actually was the next round on the tournament) I lost a position that I was supposed to draw. 



These games were nice reminder that I should never relax until my opponent resigns the game. 


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