Why Carlsen has the highest rating?

Why Carlsen has the highest rating?

IM Pancevski
Nov 28, 2012, 12:01 PM |

     There is no doubt that all chess players in TOP 10 are extremely strong.  If you see current rating list you will see that Nakamura, Morozevich and Grischuk are not among them, despite the fact they are also very strong players. But, they are less than 5 rating points away from TOP 10. Another thing that is interesting is that World’s No.1 has more than 30 points  than World’s No.2. So I begin to wonder how Carlsen made so big gap between him and Aronian, is he that much stronger player?

 I’m big fan of Carlsen and no matter that Anand is World Chess Champion, I consider, as many other chess players, (I suppose) Carlsen to be the strongest chess player.  Although in a match between them I think that they both have equal chances. If you see the rating points of Carlsen and Anand you will notice more than 70 points difference, why is that?

As a fan of Carlsen I see all his games. On every tournament that he plays, he is No.1 and he often plays with players who have 100 or more points less than him. In order not to lose rating he has to win, but that’s rarely easy task, especially if you are black. After all they are super strong GM’s who are very well prepared and they are often satisfied with draw against him. So, how is he doing it?

If you see Carlsen’s games you will notice that he often avoids main theoretical lines, of course he knows many openings, but he wants to play chess and not to check his opponent’s preparation so he plays openings which are not deeply explored. He has very big self-confidence  and will to win. He always plays in equal positions taking risks and waiting for his opponents to make mistakes which often they do this is the quality that makes the Elo difference between him and other players, he believes in him-self and his is playing to the end until his opponents crack.