Brumtown Parodies Part Two

Sep 23, 2015, 4:21 PM |

In the last parody we discussed on how witch doctors cured people.Well, the Roman Empire(also known as the Galactic Empire) conquered Greece and found Hippocrates's writings.Roman medicine and medical practices improved greatly.Sadly the empire fell thanks to Attila Skywalker of the Huns.The eastern half survived however and kept Hippocrates's writings a secret.The New Catholic Republic was formed from the ruins of the western half.The New Catholic Republic fought the Mongols who rode on Pegasai.With the Pegasi's power, the Mongols were only stopped by the pope's awesomeness when they sieged Rome.After the battle,the pope moved to Vatican City because Rome was nothing but a nuclear wasteland(Yes,the Mongols did have nukes back then).I heard(totally) this while the pope was rebuilding Rome.

Surgeon:Alright, this won't hurt a bit.

*surgeon removes arrows from patient's kneecaps.*

*patient screams in pain*

Surgeon:It's oka...IT'S A ZOMBIE!!!

*zombies eat surgeon's and patient's brains*

Later the pope bred plants to fight these zombies and killed them all.