Blindfold Chess Game vs FM Marc Lang

On Saturday 24 th September  FM Marc Lang was guest in our Chess Club for a  simultaneous blindfold chess event. He is preparing for his try to brake the world record of Najdorf  by playing on 46 boards simultaneous blind. He played 9 games simultaneous blind. The final score was 6:3 for him (5+ 2= 2-). The strength of his  opponents in rating was between 1000 and 2000.The oponnents average rating was 1566

I Lost my game and will show you how i played against him. I was playing on board 3 with the black pieces. I hope you like my commented game. If you like you can write your thoughts, ideas to my game Wink



  • 4 years ago


    FM Marc Lang is a beast!  What an incredible chess memory!  

  • 5 years ago

    CM ilmago

    Yes, the remarkable thing about him is even that he can actually concentrate better in a somewhat lively, chatty atmosphere than in an atmosphere with absolute silence.

    After you played the unusual ...Ne1+ followed by ...Qd7 threatening mate, I can very well understand he was a bit nervous ... he absolutely had to find the only move g4 then in order to not get mated and keep his advantage --- and that at blindfold!

  • 5 years ago


    No i did  not know that Marc prefers complicated positions. But what impressed me was that he talks with you when he is playing, especially at the beginning of the game,he creates a name for you for example he said to me master because he could not remember my greek name. So he gets some personal information from you which he links to the board he is playing against you. At the end of the event he said that we played strong and he was not in a good shape.

    To my game he said that after he won a pawn he thought that it would be an easy going win. As i started to maneuver with me knight he thought that my knight will get trapped and I gave him only the last check before resigning.

    After I played Qa7 he got a bit nervous because he thought that he will go mate and can not cover Qh3+, but he had the only move g4, and after I played my knight back to g5 he was relieved because I have no threatens and he could easily win the game

    It was a good experience for me to play against a much better rated player and especially when he is playing blind. I don not know if I mentioned it above but this event took 7 hours and my game finished after 6 hours. I normally play 2.5 - 4.5 hours in my tournament games so it was  exhausting and unusual  to make all the moves by myself ,to want to press the clock when there is none and to say all the moves by myself.

  • 5 years ago

    CM ilmago

    My congratulations on your good analysis! You have identified the decisive points at which you could have played better.

    And congratulations on creating quite a lot of interesting threats in this game against the blindfold player, this kept the game interesting for quite some time.


    Did you know before the game that Marc actually prefers complicated positions, even in blindfold games, because in his experience this gives him better chances to obtain an advantage more quickly even in blindfold?

    This 9-player simultaneous exhibition must have been good training for him; in the meantime, he has successfully played the 46 board blindfold exhibition, breaking the old World record, with a good result even against a stronger opponent average than his predecessors Smile

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