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By this Blog I want to record my chess improvement . 2010 I started again  playing chess in tournaments over the Board. Since then I have played 76 games. I have won 43 games, drawn 10 and lost 23. I scored 63 %, played in 11 competitions /tournaments. In the last 2 years I managed to improve my chess rating from 1160 to actually 1518. I would like to show you from each tournament/competition one of my games. So you can compare games where i had  different ratings and the improvement in my chess play should be visible in the games. In the Last 2 Years I have worked with some chess software and chess books. Thes most helpful software  for me was  Tasc Chess Tutorial 2 CD ( I Would highly recommend it  every beginner) and Chessimo where you sharpen your visualisation by pattern recognition and repetition, also a very useful programm. I have read also a few books. I liked How to win at chess (Daniel King) nice book to learn the basic principles in chess,365 time Endgames for beginners - One Task for each day of the year (Heinz Brunthaler), Chess Endgame Training (Bernd Rosen) a good endgame puzzles book for intermediate players. My System (Nimzowitsch) ,I am still reading this book, it is about strategy and positional play for intermediate-advanced players. Build up you chess with Artur Yusupov - The Fundamentals is a Training and Test book for Intermediate Players. Actually I am reading the 2nd book of the build up series - Beyond the Basics. Additionaly I am working through the chess mentor courses and watching the video lessons at

Now A list of the games I have played in the past that I will present

1. 14th Neckar Open 2010 C  2.04.2010  S.Bentert (1376) - P.Vasiliadis (1160) 1-0

2. Stuttgarter Stadtmeisterschaft 2010 14.05.2010 C  K.Herbst (1307) - P.Vasiliadis (1207) 0-1

3. 1st Oeffinger Open 2010 24.05.2010 P.Vasiliadis (1291) - K.Dölker (1500) 0-1

4. 27th Böblinger Open C  27.12.2010 P.Vasiliadis (1309) -P.Dasch (1224) 0-1

5.B-Klasse Stuttgart-Ost 16.01.2011 P.Vasiliadis(1371)- S.Gnamm (838) 0,5-0,5

6.15th Neckar Open 2011 B 23.04.2011 P.Vasiliadis (1352) - H.Witt (1416) 0,5-0,5

7. 7th Altbacher DWZ-Turnier  10.09.2011 P.Vasiliadis (1389) - L.Frech (1479) 0-1

8. KEM Stuttgart-Ost 18.11.2011 P.Vasiliadis (1419) - M.Angles (1732) 1-0

9. 28th Böblinger Open C 28.12.2011 J.Brunner(1692) - P.Vasiliadis (1441) 1-0

10. B-Klasse Stuttgart-Ost 15.01.2012 P.Vasiliadis (1480) - H.Scheible (1289) 1-0

11. A-Klasse Stuttgart-Ost  11.12.2011 B.Kronbach (1280) - P.Vasiliadis (1518) 0-1 

First game:

Second game:
Third Game:
Fourth Game:
Fifth Game :
Sixth Game:
Seventh Game:
Eighth Game:
Ninth Game:
Tenth Game:
Eleventh Game:


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    After almost 1 year past I want to continue my Improvement review blog. In the team matches 2012/13 i played a good season. I had 4 wins  2 draws and 1 lose with a performance of 1849 and 5 Points out of 7. I Improved my rating from 1529 to 1613 (+84).  4 Wins against 1777,1718,1691 and 1456. 2 Draws against 1772,1606 and 1 lose against 1717. I think my chess play improved a lot  despite that I didn't play much games only 24 in the last 12 months. For the first time I past the 1600 barrier and I am working on my chess to get better. What I have done to improve my chess in the last 12 months ? I have stopped  reading books, because I noticed that It didn't help me much to improve my chess. I solved tacic puzzles with a chess software and played  tournaments. Seven  weeks ago I hired a chess coach and I am doing the homeworks mainly tactic puzzles , position evalution and find a plan with variations. For the future I am Planning to play more games and to make more analysis on my games

    Here is a game from the team matches I played recently

    12.Kreisklasse Stuttgart-Ost 10.03.2013 D.Wengert (1691) - P.Vasiliadis (1529)

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    good gradual progress

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