Coaching lessons log

Jan 28, 2013, 3:17 AM |

This is the log of the coaching lessons I had so far. I create this log to see if the coaching lessons helped my and what I have learned so far. I  can give a feedback about the lessons if im asked for. My recent national rating is 1529 and I found a coach for a good price so i decided to take lessons from him. His rating is 2071 Fide- Elo, so he is an chess expert according to the USCF classes. As he coaches persons rated up to 1800 this fits to my recent goal to be rated 1800.

1.Lesson ( 18.January 2013)

He prepared for my an opening reportoire for black against 1.e4. I said him before the first lesson that I just started playing the caro kann defense. I send him a database with my tournament  games  of the last three years and he looked at them. He  thinks that the caro-kann defense fits to my playing style and  i will benefit from this opening in my games as my positial play is better than 1500.

I was impressed abou the repertoire. Many variations. I get inside informations about all the plans  and ideas . He explained  everything very detailed. The bad was that I didn't get the change to ask questions because he talked a lot and he didn't make much breaks. The information was very much so I had not time to think about my araising questions in certain positions. At the end of the lesson he sent my a database with the opening repertoire and 4 positions for homework. The task is 1. evaluation of the position ( who is better and why?) 2.based to your evalution create an plan and justify with variations.