Passing the 1700 mark

Aug 31, 2013, 9:29 AM |

I played my first chess tournament abroad. This was in Pécs, Hungary.

The outcome was for my good. I scored 3,5 /9   with +2 =3 -4 and gained 59 fide- elo points. My best results where a win against a 1916 rated player and a draw against a 2089 rated FM .My rating increased from 1656 (+59)  to 1715. Despite this good result i could have it done better. On the other hand I had luck that my opponents didn't found always the best moves in the critical positions so that i could happily draw the one or the another game. I want to show 2 games where my position was bad but i could at least get the draw because my opponents had time problems or psychological pressure to win against me and  i was the lowest rated player of the tournament, which was an advantage for me so that  i could play free.