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2011 Western Class Championships, Round 1

2011 Western Class Championships, Round 1

Mar 22, 2011, 5:19 PM 15

Here is my 1st round game from the 2011 Western Class Championships with full annotations and commentary:


This was a real disappointment for me and a real eye opener. I took away a few things from this game. For one, trying to get too fancy with moves like 13...Bd8 and 18...Qd4 can only lead to trouble. Sometimes the simple solution is the best. Then I went on a long and painful journey with my Queen before fully coordinating my forces which got me into serious trouble. An important lesson to fully activate all your forces before going on a long endeavor. And finally one careless move (in this case 30...Re7, not realizing the danger of impending checkmate attack) can blow a game. I had a nice steady advantage in the endgame and then being careless about the whole thing turned the tables quickly.

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am always looking to find where I could have improved throughout the course of the game and I am trying to understand what I can learn from the game for the future.

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