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Alessandro Ughi’s picture

Alessandro Ughi’s picture

Sep 30, 2011, 3:49 AM 1

I’ve found this picture, by the Italian painter Sergio Alessandro Ughi that reproduce a calm familiar scene: a man and a woman are playing a game of chess while and absent boy, near a relaxed cat, is passing the time with the captured pieces. The father is worried looking at the chessboard while the mother in front of the window with the wonderful view, it seems she is thinking: “You have nothing to do, idiot!”… Obviously, the checkmate is inevitable.

Looking at the chessboard carefully we can check that the position that it represents correspond exactly with the one that happen after the 21st move of the black ones in the game fought between Robert Byrne and Bobby Fischer in 1963 in the United States Championships. In this tournament Fisher won everybody who pass before him (11-0-0).

Position of the game on the Hughi’s picture

Afterwards , the own Byrne commented this game in the magazine “Chess life”: 

"As I was sitting there wondering why Bobby would play such an obviously bad (and lost) continuation as 18...Nxd1; there came suddenly the brilliant move, 18...Nxg2!! Then it dawned on me that Bobby was not interested in winning material, but that the White King was the object of his attack..."  

And in this position, that we can see represented in Alessandro Ughi’s picture, Byrne resigned.




    Byrne and Fischer in another game, in 1959

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