To set the novels at odd

To set the novels at odd

Sep 28, 2011, 11:53 AM |

Novels also play chess!

Someone, probably a little crazy, thought to create a programme that set the novels at odd, in a chess game.

The programme assigns a couple of characters for each chessboard square different for the white ones and the black ones (for instance e4 is “er” for the white ones and “en” for the black ones).

The programme works reading the text of the novel till finding a couple of characters that goes with a square taken for a piece ( White or black according to the turn). Then, it goes on reading till found another couple of characters that represent a square of a legal movement of that piece. And it is going on by turns, of one novel to the other, till create a complete game. It is very curious.

I set the novels “Oliver Twist” and “The journey to the earth centre” that finish in draw, even thought “Oliver Twist” got to have three queens in chessboard but it couldn’t be used, and afterwards, in an end of two bishops, it was incapable of winning … On the other hand, in the game “Huckleberry Finn” against “The seagull” (“La Gaviota”), Huckleberry wins completely doing checkmate after 47 movements through the novel.

To see a showdown between 2 novels click here:

The game between the novels “Oliver Twist” vs “The journey to the earth centre” begins with a opening at least, interesting. 1.IL-LEAU-TR (1.b3,b5)

 'Oliver Twist' vs. 'The journey to the earth centre'. Draw. 

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