The first part of this blog explains the psychological aspects of chess in contrast to chess theory itself. I named this blog "Monopoly Chess," because the ideas explained in this blog teaches a player to be creative, highlyMoney mouth intuitive, and logical while applying chess themes at the same time.  Monopoly chess is a chess game that is played very much like the popular monopoly game with houses and hotels, and "collect $200.00 as you pass pass go go."  The similarites is the realestate that all the players are trying to monopolize before the competitor gets to do it first.  There is a such thing as realestate in chess.   In order to control and own territory on the chess board you must invest time into developing and building pieces on or around those squares you want to control.    Money mouth Cool:



White Knight monopoly
pd4 White pawn monopoly
pe4 White pawn monopoly
Black knight Na5, Nb5, or Nb6 attacks white knight on c4
Black pawn pc5, or pe5 attacks white pawn on d4
Black pawn pd5, or pf5 attacks white pawn on e4

The table above shows a few key squares on which White likes to place his knight and his pawns. Black then places a knight and a couple of pawns on the appropriate squares to attack White's well-placed pieces.  For example, in the top row of the chart above, it shows that White's knight on c4 is a key square and that it is considered a monopoly for White; but then follow the first column on the left of the chart down to where you see the box "Black Knight" listed, and next to that you will see the squares listed inside the cells to the right of it on which Black needs to place a knight to challenge the White knight on c4.  Likewise, the 2nd row shows "pd4," a white pawn on d4 being a monopoly for White. Then follow the 1st column downward to where it shows "black pawn, pc5, or pe5," which are the square Black places his pawns to attack White's pawn on d4 and etc. 

Below are games that I played and commented on for you showing you the monopoly squares that I was playing for and won over my opponents.



    A player simply cannot move his queen too early without paying the penalty for it. Professional players in the chess arena don't do that against strong players. Below are 2 of the games that I on 2 different sites. In each game there is an illustration of the advantage that White got over his opponent because of his early queen move violation. I played White in both games. In the first game below, the name of the site is ChessCube. I will give you the link to the site later. In the second game below, I was playing White also, and in that game my opponent violated the chess opening rule again - not to develop the queen too early. 



The ultimate chess strategy is to gain tempo by attacking the opposing forces possibly on every developing move to the center. Yell The idea is to develop every one of your pieces with a potential threat to your opponent. A minority attack is illustrated in the following game that I   played with the white pieces against poopy pants.   Poopy pants allowed me to gain tempo by developing his queen too early. YellYou cannot develop your queen too early against players who have an aggressive style of play like myself. Watch how many times I gained tempo by attacking my opponent's queen, and I


eventually won the game.   I will present to you in this blog the weapons that a player needs to keep in his arsenal in order to win chess tournaments.

  •    Knights centered:  Two minor pieces = a rook.
  •    Pawns advanced:    Open up lines; pawns attack enemy forces. 
  •    Bishops aimed:       Do not block the bishop 
  •    Kings stationed:     The king is a fighting piece.
  •    center strong:         control more space     Any chess player from beginner to master will benefit from this blog. Chess basics is the ground for more advanced tactical operations. Every idea a player has must also be logically coherent in light of the assessment of chess theory.

paulgeniusmorphy Synopsis: See the game below. White's pressure in the center became even more exuberant after Black refused to retreat his queen to a safe square to continue with proper development.


Grandmasters win early.
Below are some links that will direct you to sites that are designed for teaching and chess instruction. Please visit these sites if you want to improve your chess.
But first, before you go to the links I am going to let you examine one more game that I played on , but only this time I was playing with the black pieces. In this final game White did not violate the early queen move rule, but overlooked Black's brilliant queen sac with the use of a rook and a knight to mate.
Rabime vs. PaulgeniusMorphy
By now you should have the basic ideas behind monopoly chess - "Realestate."  Once your king runs out of that, then there is no hope for him, even if one of your pawns get promoted, because without realestate or monopoly there is nothing else for you to fight with. Below is a video which illustrates one small but good example of monopoly chess. The object is to dominate the chess board and to take away squares from your opponent so that he can't develop.