how to exploit your oponents mistakes

May 31, 2009, 10:39 AM |

I am sure that all of you are interested in varius openings, and that you are prepared for your oponents best move. Sometimes your oponent is not so strong and he made mistake very early in the game in those moments you need to punish him. I will show you one game of mine which I played here on live chess on 10min set.








Here we can see what can happen if you play opening bad. To be honest this victory is not my victory , my oponent gave me a victory. I wanted to show it to you, especialy to lower rated players so that you do not make same mistakes in your game. For advanced players this game can be only fun to watch but I dont think that they will learn anything from it. Tnx for reading. If you have some questions for any move just comment it and I will respond.