Raging knight

Jun 12, 2009, 7:24 AM |

This game is preety nice game where one little mistake of my oponent cost him an entire game. I am sure that you are going to like this game, it has it all, pins, sacrfices, raging knights and everything else what good game should have. I am hoping that you will comment this game and gave me some new insight. Also notice that when atack comes in I will not give you all variations becouse I know that not many people are going to look them all, for you who are interested in any move or in Idea behind the move I would gladly answer and give my him my entire thought procese. Game is not analiesed by computer programs its entirely my analisies so I apologize if I made some mistake in calculation or if I say that some move is good or better, and its actualy not, but I think that you would be satisfied by the game. Game was preety closed until everything explodes. I hope that you wi

ll enjoy.







1. c4 e5 Classic english opening 2. Nc3 Nf6 transposing in to reversed sicilian 3. d3 b6 Here I choose to play closed game and I thought that this diagonal would be realy nice 4. Nf3 developing 4... d6 closing the game and keeping open diagonal for white squered bishop 5. g3 he also want to control that diagonal 5... Bb7 6. Bg2 logical contiantion for both 6... Be7 preparing to castle 7. Qb3 and here I thought that this move is a mistake becouse I didnt realy understan a queen purpose and this squere 7... Nbd7 continue developing and also prepare to ocupate the c5 squere with the knight 8. Nd5 this was a point of his queen move, but I still think that it was a mistake 8... Nxd5 9. cxd5 here I was thinking that his pawn was weak so I was starting to plan how to take it 9... Nc5 bringing knight on the good squere and atacking the queen so I could take the pawn 10. Qc4 protecting the pawn 10... O-O I wanted to bring my king to safety 11. Qg4 here he probably wanted that I took his pawn and he would play Bh6 but the truth be told it would be still fine for me becouse I could defend with my bishop, never the less I decided to take more atacking aprouch 11... f5 bringing his queen back where he was 12. Qc4 you should notice that his only concerne is his d5 pawn, and to be honest with you I see that this pawn is not so much important, becouse his queen is inactive becous she have only purpose to defend pawn, so I though that it is maybe good to keep the pawn on board 12... a5 I didnt want him to kick off my good knight 13. e4 Blunder...this move will cost him the game 13... Ba6 14. Qc2 Nxd3+ reap his pawn structure a part and denied him right to castle 15. Kd2 only move witch denied me a check next move 15... Nxf2 atacking his rook 16. Re1 moving his rook to safety 16... Nxe4+ taking the third pawn with check 17. Ke3 again blunder, much better would be 17.Kd1 17... Bg5+ starting my atack, which is now unstopable 18. Nxg5 only move 18... Qxg5+ 19. Kf3 again forced 19... Qg4+ 20. Ke3 again forced 20... f4+ Knight sac to keep atack going, his forced to take the knight 21. Kxe4 f3+ atacking his bishop with check  22. Bf4 Again forced if he had played Ke3 then it would be mate next move with Qd4 22... Rxf4+ keeping atack going 23. Ke3 again forced if he had took my rook then it would be mate next move with Qxf4 23... fxg2 keeping atack going I looked at all variations and saw that his only move if he doesnt want to be mated is to play Kd2 and after Rf2 he would lose a queen, also notice that even tif he play that move I would still have forced mate, but those variations are too long to write here, so I will tell you only if someone is realy interesting in position 24. gxf4 Qxf4# Mate, nice one