When you have to atack

Jul 1, 2009, 9:04 AM |

this game was played on another chess site, I was rated around 1850 and my oponent around 1680 and I didnt start the game very good, I had litle better posting of the pieces but I lost litle material in proces(pawns) so I thought that my only real chance for win is brutal atack on kingside where he was castled. What I want you to see that my atack wasnt realy perfect, altough it worked preety nice, it was good becouse my oponent was thinking that he was safe, that I dont have nothing, that I am just blefing. His alarm bell for safety didnt ring and I used that very good. When you look this game I do not realy want that you pay much atention how did I atack, much more important is to look for moves which could have stoped my atack and I want you to realise that in chess there are very little time when things are perfectly safe. You should always be alert for tactical shoots and atacks on your king. Do not underestimate your oponents ideas, watch them carefully and calculate them down, do not decline sucses of his ideas just after few seconds, its not a good thing, and my unfortunate oponent did all things which he shouldnt done. OK here comes a game I was white and it was on 20 minutes set. Enjoy











I want you to look the position on the board after this game and look on his knight and rook on a8,b8 which havent moved for the hole game. If you do not play with all of your pieces you will be most probably smashed. Play with all pieces if you do not want to loose games becouse you didnt have enough soldiers in the battle.