You made a mistake... no metter... play on..

Apr 26, 2009, 9:16 AM |

I want to show you one game of mine which I played on another chess site... The reason I want to show it to you is becouse I made very idiotic mistake in the opening....but then I looked a little deeper and saw that maybe its not so bad as I first thought. Game was played on half an hour for each side, I was black.








Point of this article is that you dont have to gave up after you made a mistake. I made a mistake but I rise to the chalenge, this game is also fine representation how to keep your oponent cramp and how to draw his defence forces away from his king. Final atack was easy, but rising up after stupid mistake is not. Never give up and you always have your chance, unless ofcourse you play against Anand ;).

I hope that you find this article interesting. This is my first article...I hope that I will get some comments.