A game in my mind..

Nov 17, 2010, 9:56 PM |
I am not a GM nor am I an IM. I am just a father who loves chess and wants to pass that passion onto my 9 year old son. I am making this blog more for him but also for anyone who sometimes wants to know why a player does what he does. I will be posting a recent game I played and insert what was going through my mind at each move in hopes that it helps my son (and anyone else) realize, not all plans are put together with genius details and masterful maneuvering,,, sometimes it's just a matter of playing a sound game, making a strong development of pieces, and rolling with the punches... I hope anyone who reads this, enjoys the game...

I am not saying this was a "masterful" game, it was just a game, mistakes I'm sure on both parts, I'm just trying to show my son how games are played and thought out. At my level, sometimes it's a little luck, sometimes it's raw strategy, but usually the plan changes on almost every move. I wish a GM would do this same thing with one of his games and be honest with it, so I can understand their thought process some time.