A Painful Lesson in Tempo!

Nov 22, 2010, 3:11 AM |

This game is only an example of how tempo makes a difference. It is a real game, and I realize that it wasn't played to it's best ability by Black, but I'm using it as a lesson in tempo for my 9 year old son to watch as I've never played a game that had so many examples...

In this game, I put out an open challenge and received one from someone about 200 rating less than me. It was obvious in the first few moves that opening game was not his strongest point. Openings are hard for me as well, BUT, I understand the concepts of opening play and they usually keep me in the game till I can get to my stronger points... ENJOY!


I decided not to put the name of my opponent in this time as I did joke about the situation and wish not to offend. I just think that some games require a laugh now and then.