Feb 2 - King Side Attacks

Feb 2 - King Side Attacks

Feb 2, 2017, 12:18 PM |
King Side Attacks:
 Checkmating your opponent should be your goal in any game you play!
 Beginner players will often play for material advantages and miss the opportunity to win in a more straight forward way.
 Here is an annotated game from 1894 where Tarrasch unleashes a beautiful king side attack. 
Greek Gift: 
The Greek Gift is a classic version of a king side attack where white or black sacrifices a bishop for either the h7 or h2 pawn. 


 What not to do:

Wasting moves in the opening can get you in trouble quick!

A rule of thumb:

Try to move every piece once before you move any piece twice!!!



This position is not truly a "winning" Greek Gift.  Try playing the position starting at move 9 for white.