Chess and Life


Baby news:

My wife and I went to a gathering of Bradley Method graduates yesterday evening and I enjoyed the togetherness, though I could not help but wonder, "What does everyone think of everyone elses' baby?" I realize that I probably could have thought of more comforting or happy things, but lets dig a little deeper here. People are trained to compare everything they are or own to others and sometimes they succumb to that training and sometimes they rise above it. Why do we as a human race feel the need to compare ourselves to each other? Competition? Jealousy?

Is there a legitimate reason to do so? I think if you have a role model, then it is feasable to compare yourself as you grow closer to that persons achievements, status, etc. I am a staunch advocate of Alekhine's strategies, style, and achievements. I doubt I will ever equal his accomplishments, but that just makes me a better chess player. Win or lose, I learn something and apply it in the next game or tournament or match. It is this notion that satisfies me as to why people compare.

I find myself sitting in our hosts' kitchen marveling at how beautiful each baby really is.