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Humility 101

Aug 4, 2011, 11:03 AM 1

There are many neat capabilities here on chess.com.  One of them is to play against the computer, and there is even an option to switch sides at any point in the game!  Of course, I thought, I would never do that... but I did.  The computer was thrashing me.  It had about a 3 point lead and was pretty much in control of the board.  I had set the level at 1600-Intermediate, which is well above my current competency.  As I looked at the board, all I could see was how well Black (the computer) was positioned and how I seemed to have nowhere to go.  At this point, about 20 moves into the game, I thought, "Why not?  I'd love to see the computer get out of its own traps."  So I switched, and played my best, but little by little that computer turned the game around and beat me!  Humbling, yes. But also instructive.  We all have egos (just read some of the posts on the Daily Puzzle!), but just as in all of life, I have to learn humility and patience.  Hopefully I learned a few things in that game (especially that, when there seems no way out, there may still be a way out if you don't give up), and will be encouraged - not discouraged - to continue challenging myself and playing as much as I can.  This post is mainly just to share the experience, maybe let others know that they are not the only ones who get beat up by the computer, and to encourage myself and others as we all enjoy this great site and learn to better play this greatest board game of all!

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