Figuring an endgame

Mar 9, 2011, 3:22 PM |

The end is nigh in my current game with karmakid25, and it's been a really great game. Probably because we're 25 moves into the game ... and I haven't lost yet!

With the end close, he has postitioned himself close to my King with a Knight and his Queen. After castling, my king was fairly well protected, but he has wittled away that protection, leaving my Queen (protected by a Bishop and a Castle) and one Pawn protecting me. Here's the postion as it stands now:

Black's last move was Queen to G3, placing white in check. I moved King to F1 (my only option). I feel my postion is still favorable, but it depends on what plays out with the Queens. I need to be able to free my Rook to form an attack on his King.

Endgame is probably my biggest weakness in the series of games I have played with karmakid25 over the past month (not that my openings are incredible!).

We'll, let's just see what plays out ...