Amazing complex game

Aug 26, 2009, 4:36 AM |

An amazing game, so far i think one of the most complex situations on board i've seen and played. Whats how we both get to the center in a diagonal trench and seam to dig each other in. A bit like old warfare used to be.
Here i was unable to imagine all options, and so i decided to just go for it and just see what happens. I could loose it or win it, so i went for a deep possibilities.


A cold metal logical box analysis of the game (by
of-course the analysis doesn't know anything about how we
play chess, but still it has sometimes something usefully to
say. Well its funny that it doesn't recognize tension on
the board, like we humans do. But then it neither
can play as a human, so i take it's words with
a little bit, of skepticism. Oh well it is fun
to read, computers analyze it so much
differently then we normally do
they have the advantage
the can calculate
lots ahead