black win by resign

May 7, 2009, 4:34 PM |


It's about time...


Ok its nice to checkmate, but what if your White oponent is rated much higher, and does indeed play the game quite good, while you dont feel yourself in topshape ?

Well then remind your black, and altough i hoped to attack as black, as i had tried to plan a checkmate attack (the only one i saw in the game), my next option was to use the time into my advantage, time can be friend too.

So I win the game on time as he resigned when he couldnt attack me in the few sec he had left over. And altough he had made quite a stronghold in this game, (and i pretty much locked myself up here) i did manage to give some counter play, that required him to rethink his attack. In the end I castle, so the attack plans he might have got (i dont know), would have been useless, and so he resigned.

Not as sweet as checkmate, but the +19 points didnt hurt Cool