Blackmar Diemar again..(with Nc3 this time)

Oct 4, 2010, 3:05 PM |

This time with the Knight on Nc3 

So far in my blackmar Diemar Gambit games, i never pulled out the knight to Nc3. Instead i defended my d4 pawn by a c3 pawn.

After looking at some youtube channels i noticed there are several traps in that variation. While i tried to remember one of these traps, i noted my oponent played something different; not something i had seen. My first thought was, oops i was never told about that then a little bit later i started to wonder why it wasnt in those youtube movies. Perhaps my oponent made an error..

Soon i discovered what you can do with Nc3.
Well just watch this one, here my oponent quickly gave up after black saw it would loose his queen so early in the game (i have to admit not a nice thing)
If the game would have continoud black came in a verry bad position

This game is a complete different 'direction' from all my other blackmar-Diemer games. Since i never played Nc3.. but o boy what a fun things you can do with that... well lets have a look at it.