D01 Blackmar-Diemer: Accepted

Jan 10, 2011, 6:25 AM |

Well another Blackmar-Diemer game.
This opening is some say is strong others say weak, but i play it mainly because it leads often to intresting games for white As white tends to move his stronger peaces out much faster then black. And although it can be risky, the games itself feels to me more like an unexplored opening, in which i like to discover novel plays.

Its not that it is raining novelties, but its refreshing intresting and yet not so standard as the populair opening like; Ruy Lopez, Caro Kann, Silican, etc .
Or well here is a list of the 10 most important chess top openings

Well since it is not that popular, but neither worser then some others. It is more likely your openent wouldnt know about this one; and as a result these games are not about how much moves you and your oponent have studied, your soon out of the books. And having that said you can start quickly, while you have a peaces advancement (usualy).


The game below was typical until black moved his queen back to its starting position which is not that often played, i had not seen people play it before here so i recorded it, and show it still can result in strong white play.