Double check fork

Mar 20, 2009, 2:13 PM |

With KSoNe I played 4 warming up unrated games. i was quite cold, but in the end got warmed up and won one game. We analyzed this game on chat together, as it was quite interesting how this game developed sure it's one for the blog.

Special about this game, a neat attack of black, however in the heat of the battle black made a defensive move at a certain moment instead of attack. Only after we discussed it i saw how close he was to checkmate me.

I played white, and had an intresting move too.
A double check fork, black has to move in move 30 and 31, but he cant use his queen to take my queen, because i got him double checked, he needs to remove rook, but if he does that my queen got his king. The only solution retreat, and i take queen. It are a bit special moves, in which black was like a move ahead and suddenly it switches, white becomes leading. (before 30 black was leading) I seam to give defensively in 31 but actually become 'aggressor'.

In the beginning my start was to build a strong force on D-file soon however black became much stronger on D so i moved it to C-file, there is quite some buildup until around move 18 when the pressure is released, after it black is in charge his horse bishop and rook, making it me very difficult, until i got that double check fork.

And what i missed was a poosible checkmate by his queen on h2
If his knight on f6 would went to g4 he can do this, he told me that was his plan but during the game it became unpossible. Still i think thats a verry intresting method to checkmate, I had never seen such an attack before. He told me that move 8 wasnt the right choice for him, then he went to defensive mode instead of that queen and knight attack.

It was great playing against KsoNe we both dont like book or standard play. It was also a long game 20 minutes i rarely play that long, and i needed my time for this one.