future request, for conditional moves

Aug 23, 2009, 1:09 PM |

I enjoy online chess a lott.
Some future request who would make it even nicer i think.
A bit more advanced editor for conditional moves.

Now one can make a line, and when something goes wrong he needs to rewrite the whole line. So to be able to delete a single move from a line.

Another thing that would be nice, some times i create a line, but then somewhere in the line its likely my oponent will have a choice of equal moves, to be able to write variations inside a line.
So if he moves this then to that  else if...    else if ..   else if ...
Instead of a line it can become more like a tree that way.
I gues it would not be to complex to write since if then and else if
are in most computer languages.


The benefit of this has two sides, some games will go faster
And also if the editor is good then more people will enjoy thinking ahead about their game, and so people learn more about tactics