hoeray yeah i passed 1200 :)

Oct 14, 2010, 1:41 PM |

Well this has long be a goal of my, to pass 1200 with live chess. It took me more then a year and so this is kinda special to me.

When i started here little did i knew about chess openings, it had been years ago since i played chess. The reason to play chess again was that i had trouble dealing with stress (after an accident), and chess sure can be an emotional stress game. My head is still not much better but i do play better chess now. Also my rating on tactic trainer passed today 1300 so i'm getting better.

In the beginning i tried lots of openings strange ones, weird ones like stonewall attack wel i liked weird ones for their different surpricing play. These days i seam to develop more a system I often transpose Caro kann to Scandinavian in black or play gedult attack in white or play modern defense. I think what made me climbing in rank is my better gedult-attack game, and sometimes i play one of the strange games of the past. Tactic trainer also has helped a lot in understanding of positions

here is the game that made me pass it, its quite balanced and we are about the same in strength during the game, its 2 knights against 2 bishops basicly this game, and i have black bishops.



so having reached 1200 i should retire here i gues  :))

no i will keep playing