IPPOLIT chess engines..


Hi readersof my blog, i jsut wanted to inform you there are a few new chess engines, stronger then rybka 2 and 3 and even free !!. In case you have not heard of their rumors.

It claims to be a group against commericalism in chess, and they took engines to a new level. Some say they're not legal, but their code seams different, and well i can imagine if your against kapitalism/comercialism this is exactly how one would release an engine, create something better and then give it away free. An thereby getting all comerical fractions angry in the chess world.. kinda fun!.
así es la vida..

The engines works well with Arena (uci), i cannt test them against rybka 3 but it came clear rybka 2 was no match for Firebird (one of the new IPPOLIT variants).
A bit strange they released many variants allmost all at once, apperantly tweaking the engines these days is a complex task, and each variant is like a work in progress, releasing it earlier might get more people involved about improving them.

I think its verry good as opensource, more people can improve the code.Here are the new engines http://www.chesslogik.com/index.htm . Its good as opensource as these days search algorithms get patented (patent wars).
Ans thats a killer for people who she a chess engine as programming art, they want to improve and understand how things work.

Here a game firebird vs rybka2 (i dont have 3)
well winning from rybka impresses me (both had the little main book.abk)
It was funny to see that firebird realized it was mate in x moves way earlier then rybka did and by then it was too late ofcourse.

Oh and a nice part of firebird is that you can give the engines configuration for peaces values. And by default knight and bishop are equal.. so as many people have ideas about it, but unable to test now you can try it out in an configurable engine (goes easily trough Arena engine config) (to test this out in arena create 2 folders so each engine can use a different config)