its about planning

Jun 12, 2009, 3:11 PM |

I liked this game, the opening was OK. But soon i faced quite a solid defense it took quite some time for me to think of a plan to attack his forces (while also staying safe for his attack force). My opening attack spiraled down to a pretty worse defense until suddenly (actually quite late) i got an idea. Which turned out to be even more nice then i had predicted.

A plan to break open some of his defense, turned out to trap his queen. And soon a little bit, later after my first check a simple plan got me his rook too. And then it became the game of white again.

The game a 5 minute game was a race against time, the whole time.
We didn't play slow, and in the end i had not enough time left to checkmate.
Although i ended with great material win, and I won on time, we where playing in our last seconds.