my best win online chess (against 2036)

Jan 7, 2011, 7:50 AM |

this is the highest level chess game i have won. I have to say that to me its only one game, and he later told me for him it was a quick game, as he played many games on his level; while i realy needed my time. So he must be a great player since normaly he wins most of the games (to stay at that level)

Personly i think his devlopment was, well i would say wrong, but i dont know what goes on in great chess minds. Maybe normaly they can get away with it, but i prefer castling early. And although i coulndt do it as fast as i would, but i managed; black in contrast at around move 14 had no plan to castle, and used its pawns to attack both my castle sides.. which looked to me like kind of 'falling bombs' to my position. But as he lost castling options this way, i feld more confident in winning the game; if i only wouldnt make mistakes as i do so often; this time i didnt, and what folows is an interesting game; (then end game rooks and knight pair is nice to see)