new site design less online games ?

Mar 27, 2012, 2:02 PM |

I began to wonder, in the past we used to see new chess match invites; in the right corner. Things have changed and as a result i see groups who had a lot of active members like the G group, suddenly in matches where allmost no one react to a new match.

I too lost track on where the new invites where going, then i noticed a new icon met messages, a bit facebook style, but i guess a lot of people haven't seen it or it doesnt attract people as it did in the past.
I wonder now, do other groups also have a downwards effect of matches and the number of people who subscibe to them ?

Might it need some design improvement,
To clearly see that a group your a member of has or is chalenged in a new game so you can actively participate. I do like online chess a lot, these days more then live chess; but it seams a bit hard to find / or get updates.. I'm just imagining a table - type of games - days to respond - (accept/delete).

(also an easy way from there to setup new chalenges if your an admin of a group; maybe with a pull down for wicht group - type of games - days ).

I hope this will improve the site and improve the joy of people here.

(as some positive feedback notes...)