playing stronger

Mar 21, 2009, 10:48 AM |

okay a friend from here advised me to play against stronger people.

My low rating i blamed to some bad days, as i often play flu chess, i rarely played against players with ratings much higher then me, usualy I played around 1100 as i tought that was my level. So this time i played against a 1328 player, i was then still rated 970. Well we all have our lucky times, but i played nice in this one.

Although my attack was a bit late and might have started earlier.
Almost all of white moves are quite good, i do sense he's a strong player. I think i won this because of a surprise attack. I don't look much moves ahead, I play rather positional. And it was in the last move that I found the checkmate. In the end I was in attack mode however I wasn't sure about it, as white's force was also very near my black king.