Tactic white opening attack

Jun 1, 2009, 4:48 AM |
new opening (2nd time)
UPDATE:  did i found a novelty new opening here?, I checked large internet DB's but couldnt find this opening attack.
I think this is a great tactic, i stumbled on in my own games, a good opening, and a good overall tactic which allows white to decide the next phase of the game.

As a side note, I play less rated games these days. I don't always feel that sharp to play chess. However having remembered my previous game, i wanted to play that opening as a rated game.

And so well indeed it again became a neat attack. I start attacking early in the 4th move, and at move 5 there is allready peace exchange.

And although that exchange move looks maybe as a bit stupid exchange. It realy isn't, as with that move i also target his king pawn castle structure (o-o-o). And for black it just isn't nice to know that although its the long side castle (which isn't used that often), that i has lost one side as an option to castle. And so white can now focus on the other side, where black is likely to castle, or not like in this game black couldn't castle. Because if possible the next target is putting the black king under check, forcing it to move and no hope of any castling. Kings that can't castle.. well they're much like sitting ducks.

I wonder if this got a better name or if it is just called queen pawn opening
Since the knight offer plays such a big role in it.

This game got me 17 points :)
And so with all my 5 minute games I'm at 1180 !!! yeah a new record